Furniture – Shops and Shop fitting

Furniture – Shops and Shop fitting

Store furniture made from composite panels is increasingly emerging as an optimal solution, for the retail sector. We refer to furniture components ranging from display shelves to checkout counters, from mannequins to durable and non-durable product displays. The use of composite materials, in their manufacture, implies numerous advantages in terms of design, durability and maintenance, making store furniture more attractive, functional and durable. In addition, qualities such as light weight, high customization, quick and easy installation, make composite store furniture an excellent choice for achieving contemporary, attractive and functional solutions, capable of attracting and satisfying customers. Finally, these furniture components, also stand for more sustainable choices, as many of the composite materials, by their nature, reduce the environmental impact associated with production and disposal.



Workable materials

Aluminum Honeycomb

Operating sectors

Sign Making, Shop fitting

Machines to make this product

Ranger CNC
RANGER is the Panel Router with Vertical Table for high-speed panel cutting, drilling and milling.
Loader is the Loader-Positioner for composite panels with lifting arms with suction cups, connected to the vacuum system of the Ranger CNC Greater automation, more productivity The Loader, thanks to
Double Loader
DOUBLE LOADER is the automatic loading system for panels, with preferential side loader.
Off Loader
The Off Loader (Patent Pending) is a vacuumed table covered by a transpiring mat.
Integrated working cells
Muratori Machines integrated working cell is the automation system for loading, fabrication and off loading processes.
Alu Bender
Alu Bender is an automatic multipurpose Milling / Bending machine to process straight edges on panels for architectural facades, transport industry, Interior Design and Visual Communication.