Integrated Working Cell

The automation system for loading, fabrication and off loading processes

Ranger CNC

CNC Panel Router with Vertical Table

What technology
do you need?

Machining center, automatic panel loading and unloading systems, panel edge hemming machine or bending machine. Choose the best technology for processing panels.

What material
do you process?

Each material has its own characteristics, and to reap the full benefits, you need to process the panels with special tools and processes, specific to that composite material.

What product
do you want to fabricate?

From facade panels, in architecture, to furniture components in interior design or in the transportation industry, products made from composite materials are many.

Muratori Machines

At Muratori Machines, we design and build technologies to process composite panels. Through our machines, we facilitate our customers’ traditional production cycle.

We come up with innovative and brilliant solutions, and through our technologies, we support our customers in automating composite machining processes by listening to them, first and foremost, and focusing on ergonomics, space savings, machining quality, and productivity.

CNC Panel Router with Vertical Table

Ranger is CNC Panel Router with Vertical Table. Ranger is a machine designed and equipped to process panels of different materials, such as solid aluminum, ACM, HPL, fiber cement, wood and plastic, used in multiple sectors, including architecture, industry, transportation, interior design and visual communication.

The verticality of the worktable, its solid structure and patented automations are just 3 of Ranger’s main features that ensure greater safety, efficiency, cleanliness and quality in the machining process.

We listen to our customers

We base the relationship on listening. By listening to our customers’ needs, we designed the optimal technologies for their panel processing, such as Ranger CNCs.

We automate processes

Automating the processes of loading, positioning and unloading panels enables increased productivity and optimizes the work of operators.

We find brilliant solutions

The multiple patents filed for our technologies are a clear result of the innovative and brilliant solutions we have found and implemented to answer  to our customers’ needs.

Our Machines

Learn about Muratori Machines' technologies for processing composite panels

CNCs Panel Router with Vertical Table

Ranger CNCs are machines designed and equipped to process panels made of different materials, such as solid aluminium, ACM, HPL, fibre cement, wood and plastic, which are used in a variety of sectors, including architecture, industry, transport, interior design and visual communication.

Automatic loading and offloading systems

Patented automation for the crucial steps of loading, positioning on Work Center, and unloading machined panels enables greater efficiency and productivity, working in a continuous cycle with a single operator.

Multi-function machine for edge processing of composite panels

Alu Bender is an automatic multipurpose Milling / Bending machine to process straight edges on panels for architectural facades, transport industry, Interior Design and Visual Communication.

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