Ranger CNC

Ranger CNC

Pluses of the machine


Because they are vertical, our CNCs Ranger take up 60% less space, compared to a horizontal machining centre with the same worktable surface area.


The vertical worktable, the side guards and the photoelectric cells fitted on the Panel Router guarantee a high level of safety for the operator.

Cleaning of the table

Thanks to the verticality of the worktable, the shavings produced and not sucked up during the process fall to the floor, leaving the surfaces perfectly clean, thereby preserving the integrity of the panels.

Large panels workable

The height and solidity of the base, and the flatness of the vertical structure, ensure that large panels can be processed while occupying the least possible space.


The verticality of the Panel Router table and its automation in loading and offloading operations make the work more ergonomic for operators, whilst also reducing the risk of panels falling.

Workable materials

Aluminum Honeycomb
Polyurethane foam
Fiber cement
Composite Steel

Finished products achievable

Home/Residential Furniture
Furniture - Ships
Furniture - Shops and Shop fitting
Durable displays
Outdoor games and street furniture
Road signs
Visual Communication
Furniture - Offices
Furnishing schools/gyms and barracks

Operating sectors

Cladding, Construction and Facades Sector
Transport Industry: cable cabins, trains, ships
Sign Making, Shop fitting
Van Fitting, Caravan Fitting, Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing

Main characteristics

Automatic linear guide lubrication

Automatic multi-zone worktable

Automatic tool length presetter

Camera for mark recognition

Curve Bending

High daily productivity

Motorised brush for cleaning the worktable

PC integrated in the electrical panel

Solid Structure

Table-to-edge tool change with 8 positions

See Ranger CNC in action

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