Materials: process panels made up of a variety of substrates

Alu Ranger: a single Panel Router with Vertical Table for processing panels in ACM, solid Aluminium, HPL and Fibre Cement.

Do you need to work several types of composite panels?

To be competitive and satisfy the façade cladding market or transport Industry and some different Industrial Sectors, technologies need to be capable of processing the various panels used. So far, so good.

Of course, each panel requires a dedicated procedure, the right tool kit and labour. How can we achieve this goal, when common technology only enables them to be machined at very low speeds and premature tool wear?

One solution would be to have several machines operating, each one dedicated to a specific machining operation, but this would multiply laborcosts and also space requirements. Productivity would certainly not be an issue, but it is clear that the cost would undermine the benefits.

Observing the needs of our customers working in construction, architecture and sheet metal working, we have conceived, designed and built a CNC capable of working different panels using a single system, which is both flexible and accurate, for the main materials used in Cladding, Transport Industry, Interior Design market or some different Industrial Sectors.

At Muratori Machines, we have developed and patented a unique concept for machining different panels – the Alu Ranger Vertical Worktable Machining Centre, which enhances machining flexibility on a variety of materials, thanks to its multifunctional head and dedicated tool kit.

In just a few clicks, the cad-cam software imports full complex workpiece designs into the machine and generates work programs, optimised to minimise machining time and rejects.

We’re talking about ALU RANGER technology, Muratori Machines CNC with Vertical Table, enables great precision and speed in the machining of composite panels, while safeguarding the panels thanks to the vertical positioning of the table.

The types of composite panels that can be machined using our unique technology include:

  • ACM/ACP Mineral and Pe Core
  • Solid aluminium
  • Wood
  • HPL
  • Fibre cement
  • Aluminium with corrugated or profile core
  • Aluminium honeycomb
  • Plastic / Acrylic

Alu Ranger Machines

All the ALU RANGER machines are covered by various patents and feature dedicated software, which is constantly updated to meet trade requirements.

These highly efficient and competitive Machining Centres can tackle even difficult machining operations, such as V-cuts or milling, offering high speed and efficiency, and are equipped with diamond tools for mineral core, HPL and fibre cement; all this is possible thanks to the combination of end mills, disc mills and cutting blades, which can be used as required.