Working composite panels: CNCs with Horizontal Table or with Vertical Table?

CNC with Vertical Table to optimise the machining of panels. Ever thought about it?

The optimal machining of ACM, ACP, solid aluminium, HPL and fibre cement, or wood panels, especially large and, in the latter case, particularly heavy panels, can be done on a CNC with Vertical Table, benefiting from multiple advantages.

So is there a CNC with a Vertical Table?
Yes, at Muratori Machines we are focused on innovation and quality to find those solutions that disrupt the status quo and revolutionise design and production paradigms in the world of composite panel machining. With this in mind, innovation finds its full expression in the verticality of the worktable of the Alu Ranger CNCs, made to machine panels, often large and heavy, in ACM/ACP, HPL, solid aluminium, wood, HPL and fibre cement, aluminium honeycomb panels and corrugated or profiled aluminium core panels.

The Horizontal Table is undoubtedly very popular, but it has certain limitations that affect daily work, in terms of efficiency, productivity and ergonomics, and therefore also costs.

After analysing the problems faced by those who work with these panels, in Architecture, Interior Design, transport Industry or Visual Communication, we designed and built the Alu Ranger – our CNC with Vertical Table – a technological solution that ensures precision, quality, cleanliness, greater efficiency in production, and safety at work.

Furthermore, it is essential to consider specific aspects such as the space occupied by the machines in production, the number of resources employed, and the condition of the work surface, which, if poorly cleaned, risks damaging the panels.

Do our CNCs with Vertical Table take these aspects into account?
It is precisely because of the verticality of the table that the Alu Ranger CNCs respond precisely to the actual needs of those working with composite panels, offering a great competitive edge, in terms of:

  • large space savings: -60% occupied floor space compared to a horizontal machining centre
  • efficiency, precision and machining quality: the solidity of the base and the flatness of the vertical structure ensure greater vibration absorption, hence less notching of the cut, as well as longer machine and tool life
  • cleanliness of the work table: the shavings produced during machining and not extracted thanks to the inclination of the table, fall and leave the surfaces perfectly clean, preserving the integrity of the panels
  • reduction of waste and errors: thanks to the Cad-CAM software, optimised by 4 hands with the software house and our customers, the machine is able to generate efficiencies in panel machining, through the automatic correction of errors on drawings, for example, in order to improve the cutting process 
  • greater control of the process from a single point the vertical table allows the operator to have full view of the machining process, hence control over the work progress
  • ergonomics and safety: verticality makes work more ergonomic and reduces the risk to operators, guaranteed by the side guards and photoelectric cells equipping the CNC

Patented technology for machining aluminium and composite panels
Our Alu Ranger CNC with Vertical Table boast several patents, the result of research and technological evolution,  which make the panel machining process more efficient. Starting with the vacuum sealing zones, made for panels, we find the first filed patent, which concerns the easy detachment of machined panels, preventing the pieces from falling during unloading. The integrated, numerically controlled extraction hood has also been patented, to ensure quality and cleanliness during high-speed milling, drilling and cutting operations, as well as patented multi-position extraction hood machining.

To further improve the machining process of these panels, we designed and built the Integrated Work Cell which automates the loading, positioning and unloading of panels, guaranteeing very high levels of productivity, thanks to patented technologies.

A complete workstation for composite panels, consisting of the Alu Ranger vertical workstation, the Alu Loader+Alu Feeder loading and positioning system and the automatic Off Loader.

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