How to continuously mill and bend the edge of composite panels with Alu Bender

How to make the edge of composite panels beautiful as well

Composite panels for architectural façades, interior design, industrial application or transport industry, must meet precise technical requirements, as well as ensure excellent performance and weather resistance. But aesthetics also plays an important role.

In fact, the same panels not only add value to building envelopes and transport interiors, but are also used in interior design and visual communication, areas in which aesthetics is fundamental, if not the very essence of the project. Hence the need to make the edge of composite panels beautiful as well.

What is the most effective way to machine and make the edge of panels beautiful?
Definitely by using a unique technology on the market for continuous edge milling and bending, such as Alu Bender.

Yes, to meet the technical requirements of durability and resistance to bad weather conditions, and to combine them with aesthetic ones, at Muratori Machines we designed and built Alu Bender: a multifunctional machine for processing the edge of composite panels used in architecture, transport, interior design and visual communication.

Unique technology on the market, made for automatic continuous edge milling and bending

The first special feature of the Alu Bender is that it is unique on the market for automatic continuous edge milling and bending.

The Alu Bender is able to work with the highest precision:

  • double bending
  • multiple machining on aluminium honeycomb
  • edge finishing of fibre cement and HPL panels
  • Multiple edge hemming ACM, Core PE and Core Mineral


Panels, even large ones, are machined and bent very accurately, supported at the infeed and outfeed in a precise and safe way, both for the panel and the operator.

Here are 5 reasons to choose Alu Bender for edge machining of composite panels:

  1. in the case of ACM panels, it allows the edge to be crimped, possibly also with external double folding
  2. in the case of aluminium honeycomb panels, it performs a perfect bending radius on the edge, hiding the core from view and improving weather resistance
  3. during edge milling of HPL and fibre cement panels, it eliminates bevels and allows edges to be chamfered
  4. in the case of fibre cement panels, it also applies LUKO® liquid, within the same processing cycle
  5. in the case of aluminium honeycomb panels, it automatically performs continuous flattening, for laminated or ‘H’ profile assembly


Alu Bender is unique, but it is not the only Muratori Machines technology for edge bending. In fact, Edge Bending machines also include the Alu Doubler series, which consists of two machines, Alu Doubler F and Alu Doubler P

Alu Doubler F is designed for cutting one of the two skins of aluminium honeycomb panels and VGroove one or two lines for single or double bending.

Alu Doubler P is designed to bend the main skin of aluminium honeycomb panels previously machined on Alu Doubler F or CNC Alu Ranger.

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