Alu Doubler F

Edge processing

Alu Doubler F and Alu Doubler P are industry exclusive automatic Milling and Bending system to ensure accuracy with a double fold on the edges of aluminum honeycomb/corrugated panels for architectural facades.

Alu Doubler F (milling) mills off one of the two skins of aluminum honeycomb panels’ and executes V-shape grooves on one or two lines for the single or the double bend.

ALU Doubler F performs the double milling to remove the unfinished layer and the honeycomb core  to the back of the finished layer, while simultaneously performing a double score to ensure clean lines and consistency when performing the double fold on the ALU Doubler P.

Why choose Alu Doubler F


Milling aluminium honeycomb panels
- for 90° bend min 6 mm - max 25 mm (min skin thickness 0,5 mm - max 1,0 mm) length,
min. 120 mm, width min. 110 mm
- for 180° bend min 6 mm - max 15 mm (min skin thickness 0,5 mm - max 1,0 mm) length,
min. 120 mm, width min. 110 mm

Panel chain driver (track)

With rubberized pads, speed variable from 2 to 6 m/min

Protected edges and corners

The full process made by Alu Doubler F and Alu Doubler P with the manual punch press allows to obtain alu honeycomb panels with protected edges and corners.

Main Advantages

Once the panels have been processed by the ALU Doubler F, the panel will require additional processing to ensure the edges are properly closed by the ALU Doubler P afterwards. This is accomplished by an optional hand held pneumatic punch.
(This can also be achieved on the ALU Ranger CNC)

Hood suction system

Centralized hood suction system in a unique tube (Opt. LOAB31) allows to eliminate the wood chips through the suction system

Industrial panel feeding

Non-slip pad guarantees a firm grip of the panel.
Double row of rubber rollers are assembled on a very sturdy beam to manually adjust the pressure placed on the panel.

Option for large panels

To guarantee accuracy when processing larger panels, it will be necessary to employ additional supports when feeding the panels into the Alu Bender.

The supports are equipped with adjustable feet and sliding rollers to create a safe work environment for the operator when processing large panels.

High Quality
  • High quality, powerful gearbox for an adjustable continuous feed
High Precision
  • The linearity of the panel feeding is guaranteed by the sliding track which has been manufactured with high precision
  • Long term reliability and accurate precision due to the monobloc frame that is processed singulary on the machining centre.

Alu Doubler at work | Video

Workable materials

  • Alucore®
  • Larcore®
  • Plascore®
  • Starcell®
  • Cel Components®
  • Honylite®
  • Metawell®
  • Doluflex®