Alu Bender: specific edge machining, for composite material

What do architectural façades, the transport industry, interior design projects and visual communication have in common?
Certainly, in all these sectors, there is a need to process the edges of composite panels, in different materials, to fulfil specific functions and meet precise technical and aesthetic requirements.

The ALU Bender automatic milling and bending machine is designed to meet these requirements precisely and with quality results.

This multifunctional machine is designed to be perfectly effective in panel edge processing, depending on the type of material and sector:

  • ACM / ACP, PE Core, MINERAL Core, Solid Aluminium and solid Aluminium for Architecture, Interior Design, Visual Communication and the Transport Industry
  • HPL for Ventilated Facades and Interior Design
  • Honeycomb, Solid Aluminium, Solid Aluminium and Corrugated Core Aluminium for Ventilated Facades and Transport.
  • Fibre cement for Ventilated Facades and Interior Design

Let us go into the specifics of Alu Bender technology by sector and material.
Alu Bender allows specific machining to be performed depending on the type of the panel material:

Panel edge crimping in ACM / ACP, Solid Aluminium
– Bending from 0° to 90°

Edge crimping of ACM / ACP, PE Core and Mineral Core panels
– Aluminium leather milling
– CORE Milling
– External double fold from 90° to 180° (Opt.)

HPL edge finish
– Milling edge cleaning
– Upper – lower bevel (Opt.)

Edge bending of aluminium honeycomb panels
– Aluminium milling
– Core and V milling per fold
– Bending from 0° to 90°
– Tool lubrication (Opt.)

Edge crushing Continuous aluminium honeycomb (opt.)

Edge protection Fibre cement
– Milling edge cleaning
– Upper – lower bevel (Opt.)      
– Luko® Automatic Liquid Coating (Opt.)

What are the specific needs of the Architecture, Transport, Interior Design and Visual Communication sectors? Read more here.

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