Edge enhancement processing: Alu Bender and Alu Doubler

Edge enhancement processing made efficient. Alu Bender and Alu Doubler are the solutions.

Edge enhancement is certainly another important aspect to consider for anyone machining ACM (PE and mineral core), aluminium honeycomb (AHP), aluminium corrugated core, HPL or fibre cement panels. Typically, these processes require manual working, thus with inefficient processes and no guarantee of repeatable quality.

What are the machining operations that enhance panel edging?

  • Milling and bending for aluminium composites (ACM, AHP), to hide the core.
  • Edge milling and bottom top chamfering of HPL and fibre cement panels, in order to eliminate imperfections and circular saw cut jaggedness.
  • Edge milling and double folding of aluminium honeycomb (AHC) panels, for joining the two skins mechanically.

So, let look at this operation more closely. Machines, such as spindle moulders with a driver, or CNCs combined with an operator’s manual skills, can be used for the bending operation. However, such processing is costly and offers no guaranteed quality. Let’s look at individual materials to better understand what the specific needs are and then evaluate the most efficient solutions with repeatable quality.

ACM, AHP, AHC panels:
The customer can mill the panels by freeing the skin to be bent via CNC. The problem is the manual bending of the freed skin, keeping the bending radius constant at 2 mm.


HPL, Fibre cement panels:
Cutting using circular saws (milling on CNC using slot mills is very slow and expensive, so cutting operations are often done with vertical panel saws that use circular saws) leaves teeth and machining marks, as well as sharp and jagged edges. On fibre cement, there is also the problem of pore sealing fluid, which must be applied manually with care, so as not to contaminate the sides of the panel.

What possible alternative solutions exist to achieve higher productivity and top-quality end results?
The only possible solutions on the market in terms of productivity and end quality are without doubt Alu Bender and Alu Doubler.

Alu Bender is the multipurpose, automatic belt milling-bending machine for the edge machining of composite panels for architectural façades, the transport industry, interior design and visual communication.

Alu Bender works ACM, HPL, Fibre cement and aluminium Honeycomb (single bend, up to height 15 mm). Its key features include:

  • Unique on the market
  • Continuous edge machining
  • ACM multiple edge trimming
  • Multiple aluminium honeycomb machining
  • Edge finishing of fibre cement and HPL panels

For more details on how Alu Bender operates, click here.

The Alu Doubler series includes multipurpose edge working machines, such as Alu Doubler F and Alu Doubler P. Compared to Alu Bender, Alu Doubler enables double bending on aluminium honeycomb with out to thickness of 15 mm and single bending with thickness up to 30 mm. It also enables greater flexibility in milling operations.

For more details on how Alu Doubler operates, click here.

Three award-winning and outstanding examples:

  1. The building that houses the Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, designed by MillerClapperton and winner of the “Best Façade 2015” award in the USA, has a façade made of ACM panels in three shades of orange to simulate the colour of a football. In this project, the panels were curved so that the façade resembles a football. Despite the curvature, the edge machined with Alu Bender was perfectly successful with 2 mm radius.
  2. The façade of the Eperia Shopping Mall was made of aluminium honeycomb panels, machined with Alu Doubler.
  3. Alu Bender and Alu Doubler machined Acm panels with copper skins to clad a restaurant in the USA.

Is it possible to create facades with flat panels with no box?
Yes, today, Alu Bender and Alu Doubler enable facade contractors to do the job with flat panels with no boxes. They also make this type of project even more competitive by raising the quality of the final panels.

To find out more, take a look at the detailed machine specifications:
 Alu Bender , Alu Doubler F and Alu Doubler P.

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