Panel handling: CNC unloading operations

How can machined panel unloading operations be managed?

Working large composite panels such as ACM, HPL, and Fibre Cement, for example, requires special attention, especially in handling operations.

Specifically, in unloading procedures of machined panels in the Machining Centre, it is essential to ensure:

  • The unloading of pieces with no sliding.
  • Full unloading of the whole worktable in about one minute, so that the next panel can be machined continuously.
  • The option of feeding panels, after unloading, to the operator for inspection, cleaning and division of the machined panels.

How can panel unloading operations be managed?
Unloading operations can be manual or performed using single-panel gripping systems. Borrowing from other sectors, we can also count, among the possible options, more evolved systems, which, on CNC machines with a horizontal worktable, unload by sliding the panels on the worktable, with a high risk of damaging the good side, due to sharp shavings which have not been suctioned away.

Additionally, again on horizontal worktable CNCs, the operator may well be required to unload the workpieces by hand, leaning over the unloading table and walking around it. Not the most efficient working mode and most definitely a waste of energy.

Is there a more efficient solution?

Yes! It’s called Off Loader.
For CNC Panel Router with Vertical Table, we have developed Off Loader, a patented automatic system that solves all offloading problems.

The Off Loader is a vacuum table covered by a conveyor transpiring mat that picks up all the machined panels from the CNC in one go, with no sliding and without any programming. Thanks to the motor-driven conveyor transpiring mat, the operator can easily pick up the individual panels.

How does the Off Loader automatic panel unloader work exactly?
The unloading table tilts to align with the Ranger machining centre worktable and hold the machined panels, thanks to the vacuum produced. It then returns to the horizontal position for unloading and the operator operates the conveyor transpiring mat to bring the workpieces towards him/her and thus complete unloading.

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