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Alu Loader is the Loader-Positioner for composite panels with lifting arms with suction cups, connected to the vacuum system of the Alu Ranger

Greater automation, more productivity
The Alu Loader, thanks to its arms, picks up aluminium or composite panels from pallets and positions them on a surface equal in height and inclination to the Alu Ranger CNC worktable. Alu Loader is the patented automatic panel loading and positioning system without an operator.

Product Models
Alu Loader is available in versions 42, 63 and 101.

Why choose Alu Loader

42 | 63 | 101

Greater automation

A single operator can control Alu Loader from the Alu Ranger control panel to pick up panels up to 10 metres long from pallets.

On Alu Ranger machining centres equipped with the Alu Feeder positioning system, the panel is clamped and made to slide from the supports with bearings as far as the start-of-operation stop.

Greater precision

After the Alu Loader has lifted the panel, the Alu Feeder picks it up and brings it to the Machining Centre, where a sensor combines panel start reading with movement of the crossbar to which the Alu Feeder itself is fastened. This makes it possible to position the panel on the Machining Centre, with a precision of a tenth of a millimetre, to start machining.

Greater productivity

Together with Alu Loader, Alu Feeder makes it possible to load and position panels without human intervention.

Moreover, thanks to the PLC of the machining centre, Alu Feeder is able to position the panel on the X stop of origin with an accuracy of 1/10 of a mm.

Greater grip

The self-propelled arms equipped with suction cups (Made in Germany), for lifting the panels, ensure the secure grip of the composite panels most commonly used in architectural façades. The suction cups have enough travel to enable the panel to be picked up from pallets and subsequently lifted to the highest point.

Greater safety

A series of stops connected to pneumatic pistons rest on the panel, so the suction cups can detach themselves without any risk of the panel falling.

The stops drop down, allowing the panel to reach the same height as the stops of the Alu Ranger machining centre. The panel slides on scratch-resistant material strips. The stops feature bearings for easier panel sliding.

More ergonomics

Alu Loader and Alu Feeder allow maximum accessibility to the machining centre and eliminate the risk of the panel falling, due to possible operator fatigue, during automatic panel loading and positioning.

Greater efficiency

Thanks to Alu Loader's technology, the operator can manage the selection of arms to be used, cycle management and panel detachment unit selection from the machining centre PLC.

The possibility also exists of pallet change without interrupting the Alu Ranger CNC cycle and of enabling the vacuum suction cups, via the automatic panel detection valve.

Integrated automation
  • Automatic loading and positioning without operators 
  • Less risk of panels falling
Greater productivity
  • More productivity
Better ergonomic solution
  • Best possible access for panel downloading

Alu Loader | Video

Workable materials

  • Alucobond®
  • Larson®
  • Alpolic®
  • Stacbond®
  • Alubond®
  • Sibalux®
  • Albond®
  • Arconic®
  • Vitrabond®
  • Alupanel®
  • Neobond®
  • Alucore®
  • Larcore®
  • Plascore®
  • Starcell®
  • Cel Components®
  • Honylite®
  • Metawell®
  • Doluflex®
  • Cembrit®
  • Equitone®
  • Copanel®
  • Swiss Pearl®
  • Trespa®
  • Max Exterior®
  • Polyrey®
  • Resopal®
  • Fundermax®