Off Loader

Off Loader

Pluses of the machine

Greater Automation

Automatic panel off-loader without operator: the vacuum table rises and tilts until it is parallel to the Alu Ranger’s worktable. It then moves until it rests on the worktable where machined panels are still held in position by the vacuum action of the worktable.

Greater productivity

Off Loader’s integrated automation and ergonomics prevent operator fatigue and allow high paces of work so as to increase daily productivity.

Workable materials

Aluminum Honeycomb
Polyurethane foam
Fiber cement
Composite Steel

Finished products achievable

Home/Residential Furniture
Furniture - Ships
Furniture - Shops and Shop fitting
Durable displays
Outdoor games and street furniture
Road signs
Visual Communication
Furniture - Offices
Furnishing schools/gyms and barracks

Operating sectors

Cladding, Construction and Facades Sector
Transport Industry: cable cabins, trains, ships
Sign Making, Shop fitting
Van Fitting, Caravan Fitting, Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing

Main characteristics

Easy panel offloading

High daily productivity

Zero risk of panels accidentally falling

See Off Loader in action

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