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Muratori Machines is the company where machines and CNCs are designed and made for processing ACM, PECore, MineralCore, solid aluminium, aluminium honeycomb, HPL and fibre cement panels, for architectural facades, for walls in the shipbuilding or transport industry, for panels in visual communication and sign making.

Muratori Machines North America Inc.

Our challenge is to transform changes in opportunities. Beginning on February 1st, 2023, we will establish our direct presence in the USA and Canadian market by opening Muratori Machines in Atlanta as Muratori Machines North America Inc., 200 Bluffs Ct. #100 Canton, GA 30114 USA

We will be moving forward as a direct seller to ensure a strong presence in North America and to solidify our position as a market leader of unparalleled technology and quality; synonymous with Muratori Machines.  

One of our main assets is our people and we are pleased to inform you that Larry Daignault and Ray Smith, our sales managers, will continue their current roles as direct employees of MMNA. They are an important part of Muratori Machine’s success, and they remain at your full disposal to provide you with the best solution for your business. 

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Muratori Machines North America Inc. 
200 Bluffs Ct. #100 Canton, GA 30114 USA