Integrated working cells

Automation systems

Muratori Machines integrated working cell is the automation system for loading, fabrication and off loading processes.

Winning lineup:

  1. Alu Loader: Loading (Registered Patent): Positioning device for architectural panels with four holding arms with suction cups connected to the vacuum system of ALU Ranger.
  2. Alu Ranger (Registered Patent): High Productivity CNC Panel Router with Vertical Table for architectural facades panels fabrication.
  3. OFF Loader (Registered Patent): for processed panels by a tiltable vacuum holding table.

Why choose Integrated working cells

Greater automation

The high productivity of the Alu Ranger CNC, already guaranteed by the combination of the best tools, suitable for each different material, can be increased thanks to Alu Loader, the patented automatic panel loading and positioning system without an operator, and thanks to the possibility of also automatically controlling unloading, with Off Loader, the patented vacuum table covered by a breathable cloth. The integrated work cell-loading, processing, unloading-can be controlled and supervised by a single operator.

Greater Productivity

The automation integrated in Alu Loader and Off Loader and their ergonomics, avoid operator fatigue and allow sustained work rates, to increase the daily productivity of the integrated working cell

How it works | Phase 1

Off loading procedure starts automatically.
Off Loader table tilting and approaching towards Alu Ranger

How it works | Phase 2

Off Loader completes the approach laying to the processed panels.
The vacuum holding of the panes switches between the Panel Router and the Off Loader

How it works | Phase 3

Off Loader returns into horizontal position while moving back away from the panel
router. Once the light curtains are unenganged the Alu Ranger commands Alu Feeder
to load the next panel.
During this phase Alu Ranger and Alu Loader safety light curtains are active.

How it works | Phase 4

The operator can pick up the panels from Off Loader table.
The feeding of the mat can be activated by a pedal therefore the panels can easily be
reached by the operator.

System Automation
  • Automised loading
  • Automised positioning
  • Automised off loading
Smart Factory
  • Indipendent fabrication process from loading and off loading
  • Factory 4.0 data integration
High productivity
  • Higher daily productivity output
  • One operator only

Workable materials

  • Alucobond®
  • Larson®
  • Alpolic®
  • Stacbond®
  • Alubond®
  • Sibalux®
  • Albond®
  • Arconic®
  • Vitrabond®
  • Alupanel®
  • Neobond®
  • Alucore®
  • Larcore®
  • Plascore®
  • Starcell®
  • Cel Components®
  • Honylite®
  • Metawell®
  • Doluflex®
  • Cembrit®
  • Equitone®
  • Copanel®
  • Swiss Pearl®
  • Trespa®
  • Max Exterior®
  • Polyrey®
  • Resopal®
  • Fundermax®