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The Vertical Revolution for composite panels

Muratori Machines is committed every day to provide customized solutions to the sectors of architecture, transport and visual communication. 

These sectors need advanced and innovative tools for the crucial stages of their production cycle, such as cutting, processing. bending composite panels like ACM, (PECore, Mineral Core), solid aluminium, honeycomb panels in aluminium, HPL and fibre cement. In addition, we have designed and developed the technology for edge processing of these composite materials.

Bending the returning fold in one go thanks to Alu Folder

Manual-operated folding machine to process ACM and solid aluminum
ALU Folder example

Alu Folder: Manual folding machine for composite panels 

Alu Folder is the manual-operated folding machine for composite panels for architectural façades, transport industry, Interior Design and Visual Communication.

The Alu Folder machine allows bending the returning fold in one go and in perfect linearity along the V-shaped milling line.

Compatible panels:

  • ACM / ACP
  • Solid Aluminium


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Alu Folder product features

Muratori Machines | About us

For three generations, our family has been manufacturing woodworking machines, evolving over time into the production of machines for aluminium and composite material panels, for architectural facades, for walls in the shipbuilding or transport industry, for panels in visual communication and sign making.

From Casadei Industria ALU to Muratori Machines
It is out of the tradition and know-how of Casadei Industria that Casadei Industria ALU was born, today known as Muratori Machines, the company where, under the guidance of Antonio Muratori, machines and CNCs are designed and made for processing ACM, PECore, MineralCore, solid aluminium, aluminium honeycomb, HPL and fibre cement panels.

CNC innovation with vertical table
Quality, innovation and automation are cornerstones of the way we design our machines. We consider the manufacturing process from multiple points of view, often reasoning along other than standard lines. All of this finds its full expression in the verticality of the table and the automation systems of our machining centres, which revolutionise the market, on the one hand by reducing the surface area occupied in the production line by 60%, and on the other by increasing daily output.

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